Time-Saving House Cleaning Tips Before An Event

Providing a last minute cleaning is definitely not the best option, however, when you need to clean your house in the fastest possible way and you run out of time, you need to be very creative.
In case you are well acquainted with the situation in which you are too preoccupied with other issues but you must clean the house for the upcoming event, you know that every saved minute is precious.

Thanks this article,you will learn several easy and time-saving tips, that will facilitate the process of cleaning and that will help you make your home sparkling clean and shiny.

Instead of taking up with more complicated cleaning tasks you should know the basic cleaning hacks which to apply in such cases.

Here are some excellent tips to keep in mind when time-saving is concerned:

Set A Timer

When you have limited time for cleaning, you had better use a timer that will help you to distribute the tasks correctly. Divide the time, so that you can manage with the basic chores such as vacuuming, mopping and washing of the dishes. If you have just an hour before the event, make sure that will leave 15 minutes for each of the tasks that you want to provide. Do not fall for tiny cleaning procedures that could only distract you from the main cleaning. Of course, everything depends on the type of event that you organize but in general, when it comes to basic cleaning, you need to reduce the tasks to minimum.

Remove the Dust

Dust is probably one of the first things that will be observed by your guests, so do not forget to remove it by using a dry microfiber cloth. This task is not time-consuming and as long as you have the right cleaning equipment, you will be able to clean the dust quickly and easily.

Declutter Your Home

Look around yourself and get rid of any clutter that you can observe. Spend no more than 2 or 3 minutes on this activity. Check out all the bins and empty them If that’s necessary.

Check Out the Kitchen

Devote several minutes on your kitchen to check out whether it is in an appropriate condition. Of course, you are not going to welcome the guests in the kitchen, however, there is always one curious person that will pop up in your kitchen.

Wipe The Glass Doors

It is clear that you won’t be able to provide the perfect cleaning if you lack the needed time but in case you have glass doors, you should take up their cleaning before your guests come.

Pay Attention to the Floor

The floor needs to be in a perfect condition which means that you should get rid of the stains and dirt in the fastest possible way. For the purpose, you can use your all purpose cleaner and the mop and to devote a couple of minutes on this procedure

Supply Yourself With Modern Cleaning Equipment

Lastly, if you want to manage with the cleaning tasks more quickly, you need to supply yourself with modern cleaning equipment that will allow you to manage with the cleaning tasks in a perfect way.

These are the most important tips to consider when you prepare your house for a special event. You can combine your busy working schedule with the household chores, as long as you you set a timer and distribute correctly the basic cleaning tasks. Now, roll up sleeves and be prepared for the cleaning marathon before the beginning of your fabulous event.

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How often do you have to clean and sanitize your makeup tools

Cleaning your makeup kit on regular basis can save you a lot of troubles in future. It is a common knowledge that the dirt the tools accumulate can lead to serious allergies, acne and inability to put your make up properly the next time you are using the same brush or sponge. A high quality set of brushes and make up accessories can be really expensive so the better care of take of them, the longer they will serve you. As a matter of fact, all the professional make up artists recommend cleaning the tools every time after usage because they can transfer oils to the skin as well as bacteria and dust, built up in the bristles. Of course, you probably don’t have the time and the patience to clean the brushes every time you put some powder on but here are some handy tips for keeping your tools in a good condition without spending too much time in cleaning them.

  • The easiest way for getting your tools cleaned and sanitised is buying a special spray for this purpose. You just spray over the tool and dry with a soft cloth. Simple as that.
  • As we have already mentioned, brushes and sponges are the most problematic parts of the make up kit. These have to be cleaned regularly with a mixture of lukewarm water and mild baby shampoo are saying from Perfect Cleaning. Stir the mixture in order to get bubbles and then soak the brush into the container. And here comes the most important detail. Make sure the metal part of the brush is not in a direct contact with the water otherwise the clue that holds the bristles together might be damaged. Rinse and blot with a soft dry cloth. The same cleaning method applies to the sponges but the brushes are more durable while the sponges will fall apart after few cleaning procedures.
  • A powder puff of decent quality costs a lot so if you have invested in one, you’d better clean it as often as you can. Soak it in a shampoo dissolved in water, squeeze it and let it dry naturally. Don’t use a hair dryer or anything that can damage it.
  • Although most people tend to neglect them, the metal objects such as cuticle nippers, eyelash curlers, tweezers have to be sanitised every two weeks. Ideally, the procedure includes rinsing with warm water and a sanitiser. A cotton ball soaked with some alcohol can also do an excellent job.
  • Unfortunately, your favourite lipstick can not be cleaned so you are advised not to use it when you are sick. Despite the fact that the experts say the bacteria can not survive long onto the lipstick, throwing it away after undergoing an unpleasant strep throat infection is a must unless you want to experience a re – infection.
  • Sharpening the eye liner is the best way to keep it clean and bacteria free. Sharpen it after every usage in order to prevent the spread of an eye infection.
  • The eyelash curlers are an important element of the make up process and they also need to be taken care of. Most of them have a removable rubber pad that is really durable but sadly, it accumulates a lot of dirt and need to be replaced on regular intervals. These rubber pads are inexpensive and can be found in every beauty supply shop.
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Carpet odour control and removal

The reasons for the need of odour removal from carpets may be different: from an ill pet, tobacco or nicotine smoke, the results of a fire or smoke damage, mildew or others. One of the rules to cope in this situation is to act promptly, because the longer you react the more negative will be the results and damages. In most of the cases professionals are needed to cope with the situation.

When the pet has contaminated a spot in the carpet a numerous times it is hard to be taken away. Then there are some chemicals and powerful odorless deodorizers that can help. There are chemicals extremely effective on urine as well. When the problem is not so severe it can be treated with the application of bioenzyme treatment to the surface of the carpet after the cleaning.

The problem with tobacco or nicotine smoke on the carpet is that it can be really obstinate and difficult to be removed at once. The smell can linger long after it has been treated once or twice. The same applies for the strong ammonia scent. In these cases it is best to use steam cleaning. For such combat lingering smells steam cleaner uses water heated to the point of evaporation to penetrate the carpet deeply. It goes to the fiber of the carpet and dislodges the dirt in it. Sometimes the steam itself is not enough to clean the unpleasant odors alone and a cleaning solution is used in conjunction with the machine.

There are some household products that everyone has in his home, which can be useful for taking away unwanted smells on the carpet. Baking soda and distilled white vinegar can help as additional cleaning resources. Baking soda can have a deodorizing effect that’s why it is preferred
than vacuuming.

The best solution for every odour problem on the carpet is to consult a professionals. They know the
most appropriate treatment for every problem. Experts have the machines and experience to do so and are qualified enough for it.

Regular care for the carpet ensures its longer life and condition. It’s important that the carpet should be cleaned regularly and properly and not to wait for the stains and odours become unendurable. When a problem with some bad smell in it occurs it should be taken under control. It is always preferable to use the services of professionals regardless they may use the same methods for cleaning. The reason for that is their experience and knowledge with the different types of odour and stains. Their practice in the field of cleaning is far more precious than the knowledge an amateur has. So the money you spend on cleaning will always be paid back. If you find the proper company or professional to help you with the carpets’ odour control and removal, the result will be longer carpets’ life expectancies and their better quality. Do-it-yourself approach not always can be the right one especially if the odour is too obstinate.

When dealing with the results of a fire smoke odour you should undoubtedly use the services of professional companies that are known to have success with that job. These are smells that can hardly vanish or it will take a long time for the smoke to go away. These are special cases that one can’t help himself without professionals.

There are many companies like Perfect Cleaning which are specialized in cleaning and odour control that have specialized machines with ozone air, designed to purify the air indoors, which can’t be compared with human resources alone. So on most cases it isn’t a task do-it-yourself.

Very difficult to handle are odours from pet animals left on the carpet and these can be handled by calling a specialized company for that. Once the owner learns what to spray and when to do it he can do it himself next time and buy it.

Odour control and removal is a difficult target because unlike the visible stains, odour is invisible. It can also be hard to distinguish and for the different types there are different methods of taking it away.

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Pregnancy and Household Cleaning

While pregnant you would do everything to keep keep your baby’s health. You try take a rest more often, eat healthy food and avoid alcohol. Nowadays some experts even recommend to stop the usage of some cleaning detergents. It is important to know more about the cleaning detergents we use during pregnancy as this will also help us to protect the baby.

Toxic Substances

Some of the substances that come in contact can be toxic, especially to the unborn baby. They can cause many birth defects. Most women know in general the dangers however they are not aware of the details. Construction paints and their thinners, bleach, cat litter cleaner and oven detergents can also be harmful to an unborn baby.

It is important to know that pregnant women must avoid direct and prolonged exposure to the toxic action of chemicals. If you require the services of a cleaning company just check our End Of Tenancy Cleaners.

Home Cleaning

Bleach, oven cleaning detergents can hurt the unborn baby. If its really necessary to use similar detergents take necessary precautions to reduce the risk to the baby. Use rubber gloves and open more windows for a better air circulation. The less you use chemicals, the lower the risk of settlement of the baby.

Painting and other renovation activities

Its a great idea to renovate but before taking further actions it is best to consult with an expert in charge of ecology and environmental protection. He will determine the level of lead in your home and will advise you when and how to start safely repair. Here are some practical tips when renovating your home while protecting the baby:

Choose a water-based paint that does not contain mercury or lead!

Choose a suitable time for painting and renovation! Best is when you are out of the property, at work., vacation or elsewhere. Cover air conditioners and heaters to prevent vapours from the air circulation. When storing paints and chemicals, make sure they are tightly closed and store them outdoors.

Gardening and changing the cat litter

Much of infection called toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite called toxoplasma transmissible by cats. Cats become infected with the parasite by eating infected rodents, birds or other animals. So toxoplasma parasite in cat feces passes, but we humans often are in contact with them. So take precautions and gardening and cat feces to prevent infection with toxoplasmosis.

Wear gloves and avoid touching your mouth while working in the garden. Carefully wash all fruits and vegetables especially if you doubt about their origin. Make sure that someone else changes the cat litter.

Be careful

It is not possible to avoid the full contact with toxic substances when pregnant. However it is recommended to be informed and find out more about the products you use on daily bases in your household. There are some unofficial researches and according to their results using chemical detergents while pregnant may bring a significant affect the health of your baby. So be careful and enjoy this time of your life!

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Cleaning before Easter

As we all know Easter is a wonderful holiday filled with many emotions and bringing a lot of joy not only to us, but also to our families. And along with all the preparation, decorations, etc., we should also do some cleaning and let some shine and brightness into our homes.


You surely won’t need a deep and thorough clean, but, of course, you can do that one as well, as we all have our own tastes and preferences. However, at least a light clean should be applied. I would advise you to take one whole day, so you can combine the cleaning with making the decorations. But, if your property is not that big, even 2 or 3 hours would be just enough to put some order. And as I always say, the cleaning also helps you get rid of some things you have forgotten they existed and you don’t use them. No matter how tidy I am, and how much I like everything to be neat and in order, I always happen to find some small stuff that need to go in the bin.


So, get equipped with all the detergents you would need – for the glasses, the windows, the oven, the fridge, the dust, the floors and get started. If you’re well organised, you will finish everything much sooner than you initially planned.


I would advise you to focus on the main rooms, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, living room. And leave the rest only if you have time left. I will definitely skip the attic, the utility room, and I will leave the bedrooms to be done at last place. Pay attention to the windows and all surfaces as they make the first impression when someone enters your property. And don’t use chemicals. We don’t want a deep clean and we definitely don’t want the rooms to smell of bleach or like a chemical lab just before Eater.


Good luck!

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Get prepared for the big spring clean

Spring is just a couple of months away and every housewife should make a list in advance with the things she needs to do in order to be prepared for the deep clean which is obligatory for every home. So, to save yourself time and hassle, I would advise you to start buying all the necessary detergents from now and make some smaller cleanings in order not to get loaded with too much work when spring comes and things go crazy.

I usually focus on one premise every week and do the cleaning little by little and when April comes, the dust is quite less than expected. Just with a single cloth you can wipe the surfaces in the kitchen and the living room regularly. And with a glass cleaning detergent you can clean the windows, the table glass (if you have a glass table), the mirrors, etc. And don’t forget to open the windows every day for at least 5 minutes (no matter how cold it might be outside), so fresh air can enter the rooms. If you have any pets, your floors and upholsteries are most definitely covered in hairs. Sometimes just a hoover is not enough, and in such cases it’s good to clean them first using a big brush, so most hairs can be collected and they won’t stuff the vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you’re also equipped for a deep cleaning – your vacuum cleaner is working, you have a mop, bucket, sponges, cloths and so on. Also, have a look at what cleaning detergents you have in store, so you won’t end up buying a detergent you already have at home. Just buy whatever you have missing, or those detergents that you have, but there’s just a little bit left of them in the bottle.

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Handy tips for a clean bathroom

The bathroom is this one place, just like the kitchen, that requires regular cleaning and maintenance with a very high level of hygiene. And the cleaning will be much more easier, if you know what to do in order to save expenses from detergents.

Even if you have an air vent in your bathroom, it is always advisable to leave the door slightly open after you have taken a shower, so the steam can go out quicker and thus you can save yourself from any future problems with the mold.

Don’t keep any dirty laundry in the bathroom as it will get damp and it is not good for your clothings.

Always clean the mirrors in the bathroom with the same detergent you’re using for cleaning the windows. Of, is you’re in a hurry, you can first clean the mirrors with a wet wipe and then dry the surface with a microfibre cloth.

If the tiles are in a good condition, you can clean them regularly only using water and liquid soap.  If the condition is worse, try with water and vinegar, or water and baking soda, so you can get rid of all of the dirt. You can use the same home-made “detergent” to clean the sink, the shower and the taps.

Every time you take a shower don’t forget to clean any hair that might have fallen and throw it away. Otherwise, if you let it do down with the water, it will most definitely clog the drain and then you will have to spend money on detergents to unclog it.

Make sure you always have an aromatiser in the bathroom, in case any problem occurs with the drains and there’s an unpleasant smell.

And never wait for the condition of your bathroom to get unacceptable and in need to “emergency” deep clean as the detergents might cost you a fortune.


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Choosing flowers to plant in your garden

When we choose flowers for our gardens, we often act impulsively without thinking whether our choice will be suitable for the garden itself, for the soil and for the time we’re able to spend taking care of the plants. Usually this leads to mistakes made from our side, which results in the actual wither and dying of the flowers.

Before buying the plants, carefully analyse the area where you will be planting them. You should have in mind whether the place is sunny or shady, windy or sheltered. Pay attention to the soil, its humidity and structure. If you would like to achieve really good results, I would advise you to test the soil. This is needed, most of all, to have information about its acidity (pH) and its nutritional value. On the basis of these analyses you can choose the right plants for your garden and the right fertilizers to enrich the soil (if needed).

Also, before choosing the flowers, think about how you will position them and what is the overall outlook of your garden that you would like to create. If you plant all flowers chaotically, your garden will look messy and unfinished. It is good to know that, nowadays, the arrangement of flowerbeds is subject to extensive research. There are many books which have been written on that topic and there you can find many interesting ideas which you can apply in your own garden. They are all based on the popular theories for matching of colours and they guarantee good results. It is always good to have an additional book about gardening on your shelve, especially if your garden is larger.

Last, but not least, consider the choice of flowers with regards to their maintenance. This is an extremely important and continuous process. If you don’t take the right care, even the loveliest garden will lose its beauty, and at the end there will be nothing left from your plants.

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7 rules for a quick clean of your home

Maybe some of you spend one whole weekend cleaning your houses, but there are also those housewives who prefer doing a daily speedy 10 minutes clean. New days – new rules! In order to be able to clean everywhere, you should change your way of thinking and to apply the new methods to maintain the cleanliness of your homes. And why should you spend so much time cleaning?


1. Start throwing away! – If you are from those people who never throw away anything, no matter how old it might be, or whether it has lost its quality, or you just don’t need it any longer, then try this new rule – Get rid of any personal belongings which you haven’t used even once during the past year. This refers not only to clothes, but also to utensils, appliances, etc.


2. Spend more money if that will increase your comfortability – Everyone of us has her own maximum for expenses that you can afford, but also don’t forget that when you’re buying a multi-functional vacuum cleaner, or a new dishwasher, you’re actually buying yourself free time.


3. Choose fabrics that don’t require any specific care – Maybe you have loads of clothes that require constant ironing because of the fabric they’re made of, or you have such clothes that would require dry cleaning. Well, the next time you buy something new, don’t forget to have a look at the label and the material it’s been made of. When it comes to buying something new, your priority should be for it to be easily maintainable and easy to clean.


4. Make a plan – Just so you won’t waste your weekends cleaning the whole house, I would advise you to make a small plan outlining the main things that need to be done and that won’t require more than 10-15 minutes every day.


5. Use boxes – In order to store as much as possible and to use effectively the space that your shelves and closets can offer. It definitely gives more order to everything.


6. Keep everything handy and easy to find – Organise everything in a way that when you need something, you can find it quickly.


7. Don’t get distracted – cleaning could be a really boring chore, but when you are not focused, you’ll spend much more time that expected.



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How to invest wisely in order to increase the energy efficiency in your home?

1. Always buy energy-efficient electric appliances. Although they’re more expensive, you will soon find out that the expenses on your utility bills will be reduced.

2. In case you’re cooking meat in the oven, choose an oven with hot air venting, which will allow you to prepare your dishes even on lower temperature. This will save you up to 40% of the electric power you would normally need.

3. In case your fridge is old, buy a new one. This investment will reduce your cost twice. Most of the new fridges consume less energy, but also pay attention to the label with the specifications of the fridge before making a decision to buy it.

4. Add insulation to your home. In this way the warm air will be kept for longer during the cold winter days. And it’s not that expensive either.

5. Use energy saving bulbs. Unlike the standard bulbs, the energy saving ones will save you up to 80% of the energy, and up to 50% of the energy compared to the fluorescent lamps. Plus, some of them are offered with a guarantee, which is an additional convenience.

6. Buy a power strip with many sockets and an illuminated power switch. Thus by pressing just one power switch you will turn off more than one appliance which will save you energy as well.

Apart from making new purchases, you can use some small rules in your home, which will also cut your costs on electric power. This could include turning on the boiler, the washing machine and the dishwasher during the night when the rates are lower, or not forgetting to turn off the lights when you get out of the room. If you think a bit more about it, you will see how many things you can do which will save you further expenses. And, on the other hand, the new investments you make always bring some comfortability along.

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