Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill

carpet_cleaner_perfect_cleaningPerfect Cleaning is a local carpet cleaning services provider in Notting Hill, W11 London. Contact us for quote.

Carpet cleaning is one of the most basic, yet touchy cleaning procedures. This duality of the process is induced by certain aspects of its natural complication. On one hand, the procedure is pretty straightforward, but on the other hand it requires a lot of preparation and a certain degree of professionalism in order to pull off flawlessly and without risking the integrity of the fabrics comprising the carpet.

This is why carpet cleaning has strict quality control protocols our company is bound to follow every time in order to deliver the best possible carpet cleaning services at the best prices imaginable. We are the ones who set the standards we follow and the thousands of satisfied customers can testify of its effectiveness and perfection. We offer you:

  • Impeccable carpet cleaning services at excellent prices
  • Professional performance and friendly attitude on part of our cleaning technicians
  • Colour preservation and stain removal
  • The use of the best professional cleaning products available

Our New Prices!


Service Price
Hallway Carpet Cleaning £10
Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £20
Livingroom Carpet Cleaning £26
Upholstered Armchair Cleaning £18
Sofa Cleaning – Two Seater £28

Quality Upholstery Cleaning Notting Hill, W11

professional_upholstery_cleanerEven though it may not seem that way, upholstery cleaning is quite the complicated procedure. It takes years of experience after months of specialized training in order to pull it off correctly and without any hiccups. The problem lies in the fact that the fabrics one needs to work with are of varying delicacy, which means that they need to be carefully examined. Upon examination, the technician needs to make a decision which results in choosing the proper cleaning method for this kind of material. A good technician always takes his time in order to be 100% sure he’s made the right call. The slightest mistake might end up ruining the upholstery, which is the reason people use professional services in the first place. Here’s what we offer in order to ensure the best results:

  • A team of experienced professional cleaners will perfectly clean your upholstery
  • Client-oriented demeanor
  • The use of only proven, safe and effective methods
  • Low prices

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Perfect Rug Cleaners Notting Hill, W11

professional_rug_cleanerThe problem with rug cleaning, even though it may not seem as such at the first glance, is that it’s indeed quite complicated. The complexity comes from the fact that the fabrics and materials the rug cleaning professional has to handle are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged if even the slightest mistake is made. Furthermore, the rugs themselves are usually quite expensive, which means that extra care needs to be involved within the processing of the beautiful floor coverings.

Luckily, our cleaning operatives have been trained in order to be able to deal with rug cleaning without any problems. High quality is guaranteed.

  • We use only safe materials in order to ensure both your safety and the rug’s excellent state
  • Our professionals will handle your rug with utmost diligence
  • Your rug will be cleaned from top to bottom and the stains will be removed
  • We use special materials to prevent discoloration
  • Our cleaners are positive and friendly

Sofa Clean London, Notting Hill, W11

sofa_cleaning_perf_clnSofa cleaning is by far one of the most interesting yet complicated cleaning routines we provide. The reason for this is the inherent complexity of the procedure. The complications don’t come from the cleaning itself, although it does require a certain degree of proficiency. The really tricky part is the prelude to the cleaning. In order to properly clean a sofa without the risk of damage, one has to be well-familiarized with the fabrics and the proper way to treat them, while in the same uses only the most adequate of methods, materials and machinery. Our cleaners have been properly trained in order to be able to deal with all of this without a hitch. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • The high quality of our sofa cleaning services is guaranteed
  • We will treat your sofa with an ample amount of care
  • We will use only high quality materials
  • According to our policy, the customer is always right