Carpet odour control and removal

The reasons for the need of odour removal from carpets may be different: from an ill pet, tobacco or nicotine smoke, the results of a fire or smoke damage, mildew or others. One of the rules to cope in this situation is to act promptly, because the longer you react the more negative will be the results and damages. In most of the cases professionals are needed to cope with the situation.

When the pet has contaminated a spot in the carpet a numerous times it is hard to be taken away. Then there are some chemicals and powerful odorless deodorizers that can help. There are chemicals extremely effective on urine as well. When the problem is not so severe it can be treated with the application of bioenzyme treatment to the surface of the carpet after the cleaning.

The problem with tobacco or nicotine smoke on the carpet is that it can be really obstinate and difficult to be removed at once. The smell can linger long after it has been treated once or twice. The same applies for the strong ammonia scent. In these cases it is best to use steam cleaning. For such combat lingering smells steam cleaner uses water heated to the point of evaporation to penetrate the carpet deeply. It goes to the fiber of the carpet and dislodges the dirt in it. Sometimes the steam itself is not enough to clean the unpleasant odors alone and a cleaning solution is used in conjunction with the machine.

There are some household products that everyone has in his home, which can be useful for taking away unwanted smells on the carpet. Baking soda and distilled white vinegar can help as additional cleaning resources. Baking soda can have a deodorizing effect that’s why it is preferred
than vacuuming.

The best solution for every odour problem on the carpet is to consult a professionals. They know the
most appropriate treatment for every problem. Experts have the machines and experience to do so and are qualified enough for it.

Regular care for the carpet ensures its longer life and condition. It’s important that the carpet should be cleaned regularly and properly and not to wait for the stains and odours become unendurable. When a problem with some bad smell in it occurs it should be taken under control. It is always preferable to use the services of professionals regardless they may use the same methods for cleaning. The reason for that is their experience and knowledge with the different types of odour and stains. Their practice in the field of cleaning is far more precious than the knowledge an amateur has. So the money you spend on cleaning will always be paid back. If you find the proper company or professional to help you with the carpets’ odour control and removal, the result will be longer carpets’ life expectancies and their better quality. Do-it-yourself approach not always can be the right one especially if the odour is too obstinate.

When dealing with the results of a fire smoke odour you should undoubtedly use the services of professional companies that are known to have success with that job. These are smells that can hardly vanish or it will take a long time for the smoke to go away. These are special cases that one can’t help himself without professionals.

There are many companies like Perfect Cleaning which are specialized in cleaning and odour control that have specialized machines with ozone air, designed to purify the air indoors, which can’t be compared with human resources alone. So on most cases it isn’t a task do-it-yourself.

Very difficult to handle are odours from pet animals left on the carpet and these can be handled by calling a specialized company for that. Once the owner learns what to spray and when to do it he can do it himself next time and buy it.

Odour control and removal is a difficult target because unlike the visible stains, odour is invisible. It can also be hard to distinguish and for the different types there are different methods of taking it away.