Rug Cleaning Services

Maybe most of us have some rugs at their property. And of course everyone wants to keep them well maintained and in a good condition for a long, long time. That is why it is advised that the rugs should be cleaned professionally at least once in every 6 months. We offer Professional Rug Cleaning services that can help you maintain the perfect appearance of your rugs for quite a long time.

Our cleaning services are executed only of highly professional employees who have been especially trained and know their job in detail. What is more our rug cleaning technicians have worked for us for almost 7 years. All of them have mastered this kind of service to perfection and will take the best care of your rugs. They know what is best for the given fabric and will decide the best way to clean it.

They will use only non toxic and anti allergic detergents that are effective, but at the same time gentle and will not either damage your rugs or your healthy environment. Afterwards they will apply Professional Steam cleaning. This is also the method known as Hot Water extraction. It gives perfect results on fabrics and at the same time eliminate all the dirt and grime. What is more all germs and bacteria are eliminated as well. This gives your rugs not only the good looks, but as well their healthy and sanitized condition.

So beautiful, colourful, delicate or shaggy, no matter what kind of rug you have, our Professional Rug Washing is designed in a way that it will satisfy even the most exacting requirements. The service will be covered to a highly professional standard while at the same time at the most competitive prices. We can fit any budget and fulfil all your requirements at the same time. We are flexible as to date and time and you can call us 7 days a week. We can organize the service when it is most convenient for you all around London. We cover the whole area of London and there are no limitations in front of us as to how big is the job.

We accept all challenges, big or small, very dirty, stained and smeared, any rug that you have will be properly and deeply cleaned to perfection. The service we offer guarantees that you will have your rugs immaculately cleaned, refreshed and sanitized. Their colours will be renewed and revived and the rugs will come to a new life. You can imagine them like brand new and it will be almost immediately. No need to remove them, or to bring them somewhere.

We will arrive at your property fully equipped and will make them sparkle. With a strong machine we will be able to extract up to 95% of the moisture in the end so the quick drying time will allow you to enjoy the brilliant results almost immediately. So give it a try and call us a soon as possible. We will not let you down. On the contrary, you will enjoy the cleanliness of your rugs so much so that you will not wait another 6 months to have them professionally washed again and again.