House Cleaning Services

Home CleaningHowever busy your everyday life is, if you want to be healthy and keep the presentable condition of your home, you need to clean it. Yes, as our mothers used to say, to keep our home looking good, we need to clean regularly.

But we’ve noticed that your day-to-day life really is pretty busy. That is why we propose you to choose us to clean your home. We guarantee we won’t disappoint you.

You don’t know who we are?

We are Perfect Cleaning Services London and we’re considered the best house cleaning company in the London region. We are not only experienced and trained, but we’re also supplied with the best equipment on the market. Choose us to clean your home and you won’t believe what you’ll get in return.

Choose us because:

  • We won’t cost you all your savings
  • We won’t be late for our appointment
  • We have the best cleaning tools available
  • We are flexible in terms of working hours
  • We’ll treat your home as if it were our own

Why choose us

Choose our house cleaning services because experience is our middle name. Our cleaning company was established a long time ago and we’ve spent many years working on our clients’ behalf. This taught us what do our clients want and also what do they need. That is why if you choose us to clean your property, we won’t disappoint you.

Let’s talk about our technicians. We choose only local people to become part of our team – they know London and thanks to them we know that you won’t have to wait for our appointment – our technicians will never be late.


  • Regular Cleaning£19
  • One Off Cleaning£20
  • Deep Cleaning£22
  • Move Out Cleaningfrom£89
*Minimum Call Out Charge Applied

What is more, we choose only people with experience in the field of house cleaning to become members of our team. Thus, we assure our clients that they’ll get their home treated by professionals who have a strong eye for detail.

And our equipment? It’s simply out of this world. We’ve invested a lot of resources to get the best equipment available. We can tackle every cleaning job without compromise.

Our house cleaning services are available for booking throughout the week and even on bank holidays. You can rely on our one-off cleaning services or on our regular cleaning services. Book us, we promise to make your home sparkling clean.

Health benefits of keeping your home clean

As you know, keeping clean is important. As it turns out, however, few people know why it’s important to keep clean.

A clean home means:

  1. Reduced risk of asthma attacks and allergies

    A dirty home is filled with all sorts of allergens, pollen and dust which can trigger your allergies. That’s why, if you keep your home clean, you’ll reduce the risk of allergic outbreaks.

  2. Less stress
    Living in a cluttered home preoccupies the mind, increases stress and anxiety levels, and it can even cause sleep deprivation. On the contrary, a clean home will improve your sleep and make you happier.

For a clean home, choose us.