Upholstery Cleaning Services

You love your home and most of all the way you have decorated and organised it. You love your favourite belongings and of course your furniture. You envoy sitting and relaxing on your sofa of taking a good night sleep on your comfy mattress. But above all you like all of them to look clean and fresh and well maintained. We can help you keep the good look of your furniture with our Upholstery Steam cleaning services.

We offer Professional Upholstery Steam cleaning of your furniture, mattresses and curtains. Our company has designed the service in a special way so that it can fit all your needs, your budget and all your requirements. Our Professional Upholstery technicians have been especially trained to cover the service with greater care and attendance. Above all they know what is best for your furniture and can take care even of the most delicate fabric materials. Our technicians are highly competent and qualified and what is more devoted to what they do.

The technique they use is the Steam cleaning or also known as Hot water extraction. This is a highly professional method that requires expert and skilful personnel and we have strives during all the years to obtain that. So our technicians have mastered the service to perfection and will do their best to achieve results that you will admire. They will arrive at your property fully equipped, using only top brand products and highly professional equipment and will do wonders with all your:

  • sofas
  • mattresses
  • armchairs
  • dining chairs
  • curtains

So if you think that your furniture or your curtains have become shabby or have lost their initial beauty do not hurry to change them. There is no need to buy new ones every time you think that your old ones have lost their delicacy. Our Upholstery Steam Cleaning will help you renew the beauty of your favourite sofa or delicate curtains. They will be refreshed and their colours will be revived. They will look like brand new and everyone will enjoy their fresh and bright look.

Not only that. Most important of all is the fact that they will be deeply sanitized and professionally washed. With the Steam Cleaning all kinds of bacteria and germs will be killed and eliminated. This will prevent you and your family from different kinds of allergies of harmful infections. You will feel content not only because your home will be beautiful and cosy, but also because it will be safe. You and your family will live in a fresh and healthy environment.

Do not waste your precious time trying to clean your upholstery by yourself. This is something that has to be done by real professionals and with special detergents and equipment. Most of all with understanding and care. When our team arrives at your property they will first inspect the furniture or curtains to be cleaned very carefully, in this way they will know the best way to proceed and avoid damages.

They will use only special and non toxic detergents and eliminate all dirt and grime, stains or unpleasant odour. So in the end there will be nothing there left but the fresh smell cleanliness. So do not hesitate to call us and just wait to see your furniture like you see it for the first time.